Up to date

Colour trend: red shaded moods – lush greens & warming naturals

Optimistic pink is the key colour this winter. It livens up classic Christmas red, underscoring its radiance. Pink and red are combined with cinnamon, honey yellow, blood orange and rosewood. Darker, berrylike nuances give certain accents.

In contrast we have dark greens like emerald, pine green and olive green. Colours from the dark winter forest … The wonderfully tranquil atmosphere is complemented by blue tones and storm grey of the winter sky. Dark wood tones, cinnamon and honey yellow add their warmth. This winter will be intense.

Behind the scenes

Halbach trends: from the research to the final collection

How is a new collection actually created? Before we start compiling the products, we develop the Halbach trends. After a detailed research first ideas, contemporary colours and material trends are put together. With the help of mood boards, the creative team starts with the product development. Also in the Halbach weaving is experimented with different yarns.

After the final product design, we create a collection that is not only consistent in itself, but also picks up B2B customers with different needs.


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