Made in Germany

The Remscheid site

The Bergisches Land region is one of the oldest industrial and economic regions in Europe and acquired a worldwide reputation in the manufacture of textile products as early as the 19th century.
We continue this tradition to this day, saying "yes" loudly and clearly to the Remscheid location in this age of globalisation. Knowledge, experience and professional manufacturing have grown together here over a period of many years. Innovative products and trends are born here.
On a production space of over 15,000 square metres over 70 employees work in a range of different fields: production and sales, design and communication, logistics and mechanical maintenance, purchase and administration as well as management.

Facts & figures


tonnes of yarn in 350 different colours and qualities are processed each year at Halbach's Remscheid site


Reliable inspection

Halbach German manufacturing: in addition to responsibility for the economic location and our requirements of design and quality, this also signifies a high level of production standards. Corresponding statutory regulations are uncompromisingly integrated into the production processes.

High and consistent quality is self evident for us. Only tested top yarns are allowed to leave the production process. All of the acetate yarns processed at Halbach are certified to Ökotex 100. We keep an eye on every detail, thread for thread.

In order to provide our customers with the maximum possible overview of the characteristics of our goods, these are equipped with the signets customary in the trade. Naturally, we also abide by the rules of the European regulations regarding the labelling and marking of textile products.

The people at Halbach

Der Leiter der Weberei Thomas Seidel sorgt dafür, dass  alle Fäden zusammenlaufen
»The premium, consistent quality of our ribbon products is of key personal importance to me.«

Thomas Seidel

Head of Weaving Operations

At the company since 2013


From the idea to the product: in early 2014 Thomas Seidel took over management responsibility for the weaving operations from our long-serving colleague Ernst Köser. He ensures that the ideas of our designers are capable of being technically realised. With extensive know-how, creativity and the necessary skill our weaving works create collection after collection of new, high-quality ribbon creations.

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