Environmental protection

Our obligation to the future generation

Sustainability is determined by decisions that bring long-term benefits as opposed to quick successes. This is an approach that we as a family-run company have made our strategy, actively assuming responsibility in the process – for people, the region and the environment.
We have been acting according to this principle for many years.


On the roof of the weaving works we have installed solar cells, which generate eco electricity. In the printing and dyeing works a water recycling unit is in operation. Here the waste water from the printing, dyeing and finishing machines is collected and cleaned as a distillate before being returned to the production cycle.


Dyes and chemicals that we use for finishing correspond to the valid eco standards and are free of solvents and other toxic residues.
Our acetate ribbons are produced exclusively from yarns with the Ökotex certificate.


The disposal of packaging concerns all areas of the company. Packaging is subsequently salvaged, recycled or disposed of separately.
At Halbach this is naturally undertaken in accordance with the packaging regulations of the EU packaging directive.


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The people at Halbach

»Our task is to improve production every day and make it gentler on the environment, here at Halbach we work towards this with all of our energies.«

Markus Türscherl

Head of Technical Equipment

At the company since 1993


Everything runs smoothly at Halbach, thanks to the four-man technical equipment team. In addition to maintenance work and the optimisation of production processes, Markus Türscherl and his colleagues install and maintain environmental technology equipment at Halbach, such as the water recycling plant or filter and ventilation systems. Beyond this, the four also take care of the expert disposal of waste and recycling material.

Human Resources

Together we are strong

Halbach has a real affinity to family and the Remscheid location. A large number of the employees live in the surrounding area and have been employed at Halbach for 10, 20 or even 30 years. Part-time and flexi-time work enables our team to balance family and job with one another. This ensures that the expertise gained over the course of the years remains with the company. Knowledge is passed on and young people at the company in particular can benefit from our extensive experience. At the same time, we are also continuously developing as a result of the mixed age structure and the interaction between young and old. We nurture a vibrant corporate culture.


Halbach promotes young talent - both at the company itself and in affiliated sectors. For example, we support organisations and associations in the green sector. We provide material aid to competitions and exhibitions. Specific documents and publications such as our trade lexicon Kette & Schuss help with further training. Vocational school classes and master classes are given a warm welcome, because company tours at Halbach impart theoretical knowledge in an attractive way.

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