Quality without compromise ...

... with the "Oeko-Tex certification"

We are proud that many of our decorative ribbons, mourning ribbons and cords carry the prestigious Oeko-Tex certificate. This certificate stands for the use of environmentally friendly materials and the exclusion of harmful substances in the entire production chain. We are committed to sustainability and quality.


Our product range

Our product range includes a wide selection of sustainable decorative ribbons, mourning ribbons and cords that meet the highest quality standards. From elegant decorations to sensitive funeral arrangements, we offer eco-friendly options. Our certified products are not only good for the environment, but also stylish and versatile.


Responsibility for the environment and the community

We take our responsibility to the environment and the community seriously. In addition to using sustainable materials, we continuously work to optimise our production processes and minimise the use of resources. We also support social initiatives and local communities to promote positive change.


Together for a better future

We invite you to become part of our movement for a more sustainable future. By choosing our certified decorative ribbons, mourning ribbons and cords, you are not only supporting environmentally conscious actions, but also making a statement for quality and aesthetics. Every single contribution counts, and together we can make a big difference.

Management System Certificat ofparcel and express service provider DPD

Our shipping is environmentally friendly …

… with DPD certificate

Already in July 2012 the parcel and express service provider DPD introduced CO2-neutral shipping called “Total Zero” in the most important core markets of Europe.
The reduction of greenhouse gases represents one of the greatest challenges for the future, and DPD has developed its own strategy to address this. The goal of this is to sustainably improve the CO2 balance of the company.
With an integrated management system, DPD ensures that ecology, economy and quality are the focus of all products and services.

As Halbach also bears responsibility for the environment, we assign DPD with a large portion of a our shipments.


More information can be found here.

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