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Flower Boards - Halbach Trendprodukt 2022

New Trends: First Look Spring/Summer 2022

When new things are established: we have always placed value on collections in which colours, materials and forms are tailored perfectly to one another. However, recently a number of trends have become highly fashionable, with the consequence that we are focusing increasingly on product concepts. The aim of this is to provide you with a one-stop solution for accessories to these must-haves. Adjacent, we present one of these concepts to you. The work with colour guides has also proved its worth. As a consequence, both of these approaches characterise this First Look.

How do combinations alter a colour basis? Find out with ROSE MEETS, SAGE & FRIENDS and THE NATURALS!

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For diverse ideas: HALBACH faux fur string

Our faux fur string is suitable for sewing on, stitching on, crocheting, knitting, knotting, winding, loose draping,... So you can realize versatile ideas like innovative decorations or handicraft projects with it.


Creative ideas with the fake fur string will be shown on the Halbachblog and in our flyer, which will be included in popular german magazines during the handicraft period.

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