In remembrance

Flowers speak when words fail. Ribbons in harmonious colours and widths complement the floral tributes and underscore the designated colour scheme.
In addition, high-quality wreath ribbons offer space for a consoling farewell message. The In Memoriam range is evolving constantly with new materials and a wide range of colours. All of the products meet the highest requirements with regard to ecology and floral creativity. They lend the farewell a modern and dignified accent.
Careful design, state-of-the-art production processes and know-how handed down over generations make Halbach a proven partner for premium floral tributes.

Floral tribute product selection:

  1. Ribbons for floral tributes
  2. Moiré wreath ribbons
  3. Satin wreath ribbons
    (suitable for thermotransfer printing)
  4. Wreath ribbon fringing
  5. Plain-coloured and printed ribbons
  6. Deco fabrics
  7. All Saints ribbons, jute ribbons and jute fabrics
  8. Ribbons and cord in national colour

In Memoriam

Facts & figures

around 690

threads are carefully wound alongside and over one another by bobbins on a warp beam flange for one 200-millimetre-wide wreath ribbon

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