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Decoration enables us to express our personal feelings – it is the jewellery of our life. Halbach fulfils the desire for individuality with a flair for design, attention to detail and numerous creative ideas. Year for year, we offer a carefully-selected range of decorative products, which evolves continuously to reflect the influences of trends, seasons and occasions. Innovations are created, proven products improved and quality enhanced.

By the way: all creative product ideas originate with our designers in Remscheid. Here we conduct our trend research, season for season. This is where our versatile and fashionable ribbons and accessories are created. This is where we create today what will be in tomorrow. Our team selects the best material for each item and lends ideas their optimal form – developed for inside or out, for summer or winter. And for the creative freedom of all those who enjoy beautiful things. Make life more decorative! With Halbach, the original.


Extensive selection – woven, patterned, printed, extravagant

At our weaving works in Remscheid we use special ribbon weaving machines to produce a range of different ribbons, with various different yarns and processes creating a near endless breadth and variety.
With our yarns we combine the shine of ökotex-certified acetate, the naturalness of cotton, linen and jute and the effects provided by polyester, monofil and lurex yarns, as single colour, multi colour or material mixes.
Different weaving techniques are employed to create checked and striped patterns, alternating surfaces, clever effects, velvety, plush textures, rustic jute ribbons and silkily soft satin ribbons.
Our passion is also evident in the special procedures such as woven jacquard ribbons with very fine and complex designs or lettering. Our weavers are true experts when it comes to making the impossible possible!


If patterns are not woven in directly, many of our ribbons acquire their unmistakable look from printed decorations. Dots, stars, hearts, floral designs, ornaments or prints in trendy woven check or knitted look our designers are always coming up with new ideas for contemporary prints.
These patterns and designs are subsequently realised using various textile printing processes. One element here is our silkscreen printing facility, which is used for multi-coloured printing in particular. Our printing line is capable of printing ribbons with up to six different colours in their design.
High-gloss motifs in silver and gold are applied to the ribbon using heat embossing. This technique is used for our Christmas ribbons in particular, turning them into classy and festive highlights.


If the ribbons are not made from dyed yarns but white raw material, these subsequently receive their colour in our dyeing facility.
Here, too, we focus on the special aspects: individual colour requests are realised, together with interesting colour effects achieved via the use of a mix of material within one ribbon. By the way, many of our ribbons are weatherproof and light fast, making them suitable for unlimited outdoor use.


From super narrow to extra wide, from delicate to wire-edged, from single colours to patterned: technical refinements and manufacturing know-how, materials of the highest quality and the carefully thought-out design make Halbach ribbons unique.
Our extensive selection of ribbons lend an individual expression to decorations, crafts or floral arrangements.

Special ribbons

Cords & gimps

Wound, knotted or bound: we produce cords and gimps with and without wire from various materials and qualities, such as shiny acetate, cotton or linen.
Standard products or extravagant, single-coloured or in fashionable colour combinations: with their characteristic plasticity the cord lends a particular charm to small floral bouquets and large-scale room decorations. Our cords meet the highest requirements with regard to creativity and decoration.

Lace & edging

Crocheted or knitted, embroidered or embossed, and available in numerous different materials: with delicately-transparent net lace, sophisticated metallic lace or substantial crocheted look, we present the full range of lace products.
Individual threads are crocheted together on a special crochet galloon machine. Materials from cotton and linen to artificial fibres, metallic and other yarns unveil their full effect. Attractive edging is produced in the form of eyelet embroidery, as frills or with beading. From delicate to rustic, these products are not only popular at weddings and christenings, they also enrich artistic creations for many other occasions. A wonderful range to choose from!

Braids & garlands

These small works of art can be incorporated into creative works: braiding is intricate weaves that we feature in our range in numerous designs, colours and versions.
Garlands, often handmade, display a pleasing mix of materials. Various strings and ribbons together with decorative elements such as pearls or felt accessories make the combination a perfect one.
Braids and garlands from Halbach give arrangements that special something and set attractive accents.

Decoration products & accessories

Decoration accessories

We develop and produce decoration accessories that delight, awaken creativity and display personality. Our products set accents or inspire individual designs in the latest look.
Whether you are striving for natural nonchalance or elegant noblesse, the collection of typical Halbach accessories leaves no wish unfulfilled. The range of accessories includes decorative stakes, tags, scatter deco items and embroidered articles made from materials such as wood, felt, paper, glitter or metal. Trend items such as knitted sleeves or textile pots together with festive decorative needles, clips, acrylic and rhinestone accessories complete the broad range of creative options.

Home textiles

For us, lifestyle means giving the home a vibrant flair whilst at the same time highlighting personal style. We address this season for season with a selection of home textiles. Trendy curtains, wall decorations and cushions give a new look to your own four walls in the blink of an eye. Contemporary table linen, place settings and tablecloths form the basis of our atmospheric table decorations.
In addition, we also offer a selection of ready-made fabrics for table and room decoration in numerous qualities, fashionable colours and contemporary patterns.

Special ranges & Halbach custom products

Ribbon displays & reel ranges

With our seasonally-varying ribbon displays, Halbach trend products are always within easy reach. In attractive display boxes or wooden crates we present reels of trendy ribbons and cord, harmoniously tailored to one another in colour, material and design.
With our Daily5 collection we also offer standard ribbons and cords on reels. Practical, customer-friendly and a real delight and not only for the eye. Our German-made approach means that these ribbons are available all year round, deliverable daily from our warehouse.

Customer requests consistently realised

On special request we also manufacture to customer-specific requirements. Ribbons can be personalised to suit your needs with printed or embroidered corporate logos. Special colour requests can also be fulfilled directly in the weaving facility or our dyeing plant.
Similarly, we also create matching presentations, manufacture to your designs, optimise packaging and equip the finished goods with your labels. Our sales staff will be happy to advise you on all available options. Because we particularly enjoy completing special orders!

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