Collection Spring-Summer

Spring-fresh decoration

Springtime, life reawakens! The first heralds of spring bring an appetite for colour and freshness after the long, dark winter. We look forward to getting back out into the green nature. Tulips, daffodils and buttercups flower in textile pots and are accentuated with coloured ribbons. Checks, dots or floral patterns glow in spring-like colours. Colourful flowers and accessories in felt and wood spread the cheerful mood: as decorative stakes in flower pots or sprinkled across the spring-look table. Floral garlands made from weatherproof felt sway in the wind, raising hopes and anticipation for the coming summer.

Spring decoration products:

  1. Colourful ribbons, cord and braids
  2. Ribbons and decorative fabric with dots & checks
  3. Printed ribbons with floral motifs
  4. Flowers and butterflies as accessories, decorative stakes and scatter deco
  5. Punched felt floral garlands
  6. Easy-fix flowers and hearts
  7. Rabbits and eggs in felt & wood

Summery decoration ideas

Enjoy summer to the full! The focus of our activities shifts to the garden and patio – anywhere, so long as it's outside! We look forward to summer parties, decorating the invitations with self-adhesive felt stickers. Table cloths and place mats join coloured ribbons as uncomplicated decorations. Scatter deco in wood and felt represents the leisurely icing on the cake. In the evening paper lanterns provide splashes of colour under the starry skies. We bring the summer freshness indoors for the night, a bouquet of meadow flowers draped in a vase with natural ribbons and cotton lace awakening hopes of another wonderful summer's day.

Summer decoration products:

  1. Crocheted lace in trend colours
  2. Ribbons and fabrics with floral prints
  3. Animals, flowers and grass as plates and tags in wood & felt
  4. Checked ribbons and striped ribbons
  5. Butterflies and flowers as summery felt stickers
  6. Tags and stickers from paper
  7. Coloured paper lanterns and garlands
  8. Metal garden stakes

Collection Autumn-Winter

Autumn decoration ideas

The wind returns to blow away the cobwebs. Colourful leaves dance along the path and the autumn sun bathes meadows and fields in a golden orange light. Casually-knotted ribbons flatter in the wind, bidding farewell to summer. Indoors there is an autumnal touch with textile vessels in jute and linen look, decorated with berries and fruits in warm hues. Deco pumpkins, leaves and animals in felt or wood capture the autumn mood and are scattered loosely across table and windowsill. Grinning felt Halloween pumpkins and bats make good table decorations and round off ghoulish arrangements. For Oktoberfest, accessories with rustic motifs such as hearts, edelweiss and stag silhouettes are trendy companions.

Autumn decoration products:

  1. Jute fabrics, linen and checked ribbons
  2. Leaves and autumnal motifs as stickers and scatter deco
  3. Colourful kites and pumpkins as stakes & deco items in felt
  4. Owls, hedgehogs and stags in wood & felt
  5. Textile pots in linen and jute
  6. Oktoberfest: accessories with edelweiss, stags etc.
  7. Halloween pumpkins, bats and scarecrows

Magical winter decorations

Candlelight, the scent of orange, cinnamon and cloves – Christmas is coming! Snow and ice make it cosy in front of the roaring fireplace. Cuddly cushions in fur and luxurious woollen fabrics provide for the necessary comfort. Alongside aromatic pine branches, casually draped with fancy ribbons and garlands, warm light conveys a yuletide mood. The dining table is decorated in classic style. Snow crystals, stars and animals are scattered across a table runner of fluffy felt. Decorative knitted sleeves and fur ribbons surround pots, glasses and wreaths, with natural wood rounding off the look. Bows – in glossy plain colours, checks or jacquard patterns – and festive tags in wood or paper decorate the Christmas tree and the lovingly-wrapped gifts. Now we're ready for Christmas!

Winter and Christmas decoration products:

  1. Festively-printed ribbons with ornaments, stars and ice crystals
  2. Jacquard ribbons and lurex ribbons
  3. Punched star garlands
  4. Fabrics and cushions with photo prints
  5. Snow stars, stags and Christmas trees as stickers, stakes and deco accessories in felt
  6. Stars and Santa motifs as stickers and scatter deco
  7. Festive fabrics: lamé, velvet and woollen checks
  8. Fur accessories and knitted ribbon

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