Upcoming season

The Halbach colour trends "Spring-Summer 2020"!

Discover intensive, exotic colours of our trend theme Colourful Tropicals: Lush green meets bold pink and bright yellow. More delicate pink acts as a soft surrounder. Our motto: bold use of colours!

The Joyful Summer shows its colourful, vibrant side with intensive pink, light coral, radiant orange and fresh yellow. Gentler rose and apricot and a number of berry tones round off the colour cocktail.

Learn more in our trend magazine FIRST LOOK!

That's in vogue!

Material trend: Halbach products in natural look

In an increasingly digitized world, we yearn for soothing balance, practicing "Digital Detox". Why else is hiking, gardening and being outdoors more popular than ever? The desire for a natural experience with all senses does not stop at products! No wonder that natural materials with authentic surfaces are in vogue.

Not only since yesterday decoration ribbons, cords and decorative fabrics made of natural materials have a permanent place in Halbach's range. Currently they are experiencing a boom! Learn more …


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